Our Process

Planning & Strategy

We first develop a preliminary project budget, which includes design fees, permit fees as well as an initial construction budget so that everyone understands the bottom line. How much is my project going to cost.

We live in a beautiful place where it is expensive to build and the approval process can have its challenges. We have the experience to guide you through this process and hopefully making it an enjoyable one.


This is where we have fun. We develop a thorough understanding of the constraints and opportunities for your project and initiate ideas and concepts that work within them. At this early stage, we also begin to engage the rest of the design team (structural, energy, mechanical/plumbing, civil) so we can successfully integrate key design objectives. Once a coordinated initial design is completed, we stop and engage a builder to confirm the construction budget. This ensures we can make smart choices now when it is simpler to coordinate and we can move into more detailed design with confidence.


We continue to provide services during the construction phase of your project to ensure a successful outcome. We collaborate with several really good builders in Santa Cruz and will help you find the right contractor for your project.