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Our Office

We have built a design studio based on developing a profound knowledge base of the local approval processes. We know how to get projects approved. We help our clients understand a comprehensive project budget before we commit to design options.

Our projects range in scale from the smallest remodel to technically complex commercial and multi-unit residential developments.

Because we understand that communication is paramount to success, every project begins with a thorough investigation of the site, the program, and the intentions of the client. Every project is fully developed using 3-dimensional modeling software with integrated energy modeling, which clients can view themselves on their devices.

Through careful site planning, building and natural energy considerations, as well as material choices, we strive to develop projects that minimize their impact on the environment. As a practice, we are committed to both the quality of the architecture we produce as well as the service we provide to our clients.

Peter Spellman, principal of PSA, is a LEED Accredited Professional (www.USGBC.ORG) and licensed California Architect. Originally from Chicago, Peter builds upon years of experience within nationally and internationally recognized firms. As an engaged community member and someone who cares deeply about the built environment, Peter currently serves as the chair of the City of Santa Cruz Planning Commission.

Skills & Experience

How are we different? First, every project is developed 3-dimensionally including analyzing site constraints and opportunities, which provides immediate feedback that clients can relate to. You will be provided with a 3d model, which you can view on any of your personal devices. Walk through your project, visualize material options, understand the relationship of your project to its surroundings.

Awards & Accolades

2007-2018 | Green Building Award Program

City of Santa Cruz, over twenty green building awards granted in the past ten years. The program is modeled after the U.S. Green Building Councils LEED certification process.

2018 | 2030 Challenge

Peter Spellman Architecture is a signatory to the 2030 challenge where all new buildings, developments, and major renovations will be carbon-neutral by 2030.